FUJIFILM On-site Ordering software

The “order-it mobile” application is designed specifically for sending images from android and IOS devices to a Fujifilm “order-it” photo kiosk in a retail store environment without using cables.
Please note that this application will only function when operated in our participating retail stores.

, FUJIFILM On-site Ordering software, Fujifilm South Africa

To use this simple high-speed image transfer software, please follow these steps.

Select images anytime and anywhere – the selection is automatically preserved.
Go to a Fujifilm “order-it” kiosk.
Start an order process using the order-it kiosk
Press “order-it mobile” in the media selection screen.
On your smartphone, go to the “order-it mobile” app.
Please press “continue” on the kiosk and wait until a 4-digit sync code is displayed on the next screen.
Press “Send ” at the bottom right.
Enter the sync code on your smartphone and press “Next.”
All selected images are transferred immediately to the order-it Kiosk.
The selected images will now be transferred over the high speed Wi-Fi network directly to the FUJIFILM order-it Kiosk.
Currently not all Android-devices are supported. Due to customer feedback, we are currently working on expanding the range of supported devices and hope to provide an update soon.