Data Management

Our products includes magnetic tape capable of large capacity, for the recording, management and storage of massive amounts of data. The tape is one of our solutions to customers’ data challenges.

Fujifilm LTO Magnetic Tape: A cost-effective solution for the secure storage of data.

In a world where data is growing exponentially, efficient data storage is in high demand. For the cold storage of data, LTO (Linear Tape-Open) magnetic tape is globally gaining traction as a powerful solution. Not only can Fujifilm’s barium ferrite (BaFe) magnetic tape store vast amounts of data securely, but it does so reliably and in a highly cost-effective manner.

Data archiving requires a medium that can preserve a high volume of data over the long term with minimal risk of loss and with reasonable initial and running costs. Fujifilm’s BaFe magnetic tape fulfils all of these conditions.

Furthermore, aside from reading and writing data, magnetic tapes do not require electricity or internet connections to store data. This means they can protect sensitive information from being damaged from power outages, system outages and cyber-attacks.