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How We Work

Fujifilm is active in a wide range of fields, with more than 50 group companies and subsidiaries here in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, either founded within the group or acquired from outside to add a specific value. Each of these organisations are set up to best achieve their goal, but our diversity offers a great opportunity to cooperate, connect, network and develop.

We place great value in cooperation not just for research, but beyond. If we can combine something we are great at with something someone else is great at, we welcome the opportunity.

Grow with Fujifilm

Professional Mobility

You will be collaborating with colleagues from across the globe and develop a network of like-minded professionals. Operating in a variety of distinct business fields, there are also opportunities for mobility across divisions. Open positions across the region are advertised internally first, including long-term project assignments. We try to match talents and ambitions with opportunities to allow you to grow as you want to.