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Frontier LP9700

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa
Digital Minilab (Frontier Series)

Frontier LP9700

A silver halide minilab specially designed for both high-speed performance and high quality photo print.

Smart handling of various kinds of photo printing needs.
A silver-halide Minilab that makes top-quality services a reality

Achieving high processing capacity and outstanding print quality at the same time, the LP9700 is a Minilab printer that can process up to 2,117 prints per hour at 4R size. It uses industry-leading laser exposure technology and cutting edge image processing to deliver exceptionally high quality output through a silver-halide method. Long prints now allow a paper-advance of up to 914.4 mm, and support has been added for the ultra-thin Album Paper XS, giving you more flexibility than ever before. The LP9700 is a powerful partner supporting the future of your printing business.

Fast Performance

Powerful processing capabilities

Double-line paper carriage and quick-processing chemical technology allow for instant high-quality development processing.

6″×4″ (152×102mm) Approx. 2,117 prints/hour
5″×7″ (127×178mm) Approx. 1,304 prints/hour
10″×8″ (254×203mm) Approx. 614 prints/hour
12″×10″ (305×254mm) Approx. 501 prints/hour

Impressive Versatility

Diverse printing possibilities

With a maximum paper width of 305 mm and a maximum paper- advance of 914.4 mm, the LP9700 can produce vivid and stunning prints even at large sizes. From panoramas and square prints to collages, calendars, cards, and more, the potential for added value in your print services knows no bounds.

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa
, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa

Enlargement print 305×457mm (12″×18″)

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa

Collage print

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa

Calendar print

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa

Panorama print 203×914mm (8×36″)

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa

Square print 102×102mm (4″ x 4″)

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa
Compatible with ultra-thin Album Paper XS

For the first time in the Fujifilm Frontier series, you can use ultra-thin Album Paper XS with a thickness of just 135 μm. It’s ideal for lay-flat albums and photobooks, and it’s great for meeting a variety of other product needs.

* a special paper magazine is required for using Fujicolor Album Paper XS.

Cutting-Edge Quality

A new evolution of laser exposure technology

The LP9700 is equipped with direct-modulated semiconductor lasers for completely producing images using light in the three colors of RGB, and achieves digital exposure with incredible image quality on color paper. It vividly reproduces fine details and subtle changes in color tone with high definition for delivering top-class print services.

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa

Fujifilm’s Superior Image Processing

Fujifilm’s proprietary Image Intelligence™ technology automatically compensates for problematic conditions—such as poor lighting, excessive backlight, high contrast, underexposure and overexposure—to produce beautiful images.

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa
, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa

Left: Original image
Right: Optimized image after image processing

Expanded Usability

Triple/ Quad magazine system (factory option)

Install additional magazines to enable Triple or Quad magazine printing, and get rid of the stress of having to replace magazines in order to switch paper types or sizes. This makes it easier to offer value-added services using special prints.

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa

Left: Triple magazine system
Right: Quad magazine system

Indicator light

A Status indicator light can be installed on the upper part of the machine. This make it easy to check what the printer’s doing even from far away, which is especially useful when you need to manage several printers running at the same time.

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa

Main Specifications

Processing capacity Print sizes Paper Widths Printing speed
89 × 127 mm (3.5″ × 5″) 127 mm (5”) Approx. 2,250 prints/hr
102 x 152 mm (4″ × 6″) 152 mm (6”) Approx. 2,120 prints/hr
305 x 457 mm (12″ × 18″) 305 mm (12″) Approx. 290 prints/hr
Print sizes 82.5 mm (3.2″) × 82.5 mm (3.2″) – 305 mm (12″) × 914.4 mm (36″)
Processing chemicals Chemical system CP-49E
Footprint space Approx. 1.4 m2 (Dual magazine, with 152 mm print sorter attached)

Laser Printer / Paper Processor


Floor-type, normal light operation (laser printer, processor, cutter and sorter in one unit)

Exposure system

Scanning exposure system using RGB lasers

Paper magazines

Dual magazine system (standard) / Triple magazine system (factory option) / Quad magazine system (factory option)


FUJICOLOR Paper (silver-halide)

Paper widths

82.5 / 89 / 102 / 114 / 117 / 120 / 127 / 130 / 152 / 165 / 178 / 203 / 210 / 216 / 240 / 254 / 279 / 305 mm
(3.2″ / 3.5″ / 4″ / 4.5″ / 4.6″ / 4.7″ / 5″ / 5.1″ / 6″ / 6.5″ / 7″, 8″ / 8.3″ / 8.5″ / 9.4″ / 10″ / 11″ / 12″)

Back printing

Two lines of 14-120 characters for backside printing of information

Printer sorter

17 ordersSupports 152 mm (6″ ) width (50 prints of 152 x 102 mm (6″ × 4″) / tray)
Supports order interrupt signal lamp*1

14 ordersSupports 152 mm (6″ ) width (82 prints of 152 x 102 mm (6″ × 4″) / tray)
Supports order interrupt signal lamp*1

8 ordersSupports 254 mm (10″) width
Does not support order interrupt signal lamp*1

Printer condition setup

Semi-automatic calibration by built-in calibrator

Processing time

Dry-to-dry: 1 min. 42 sec.

Power requirements

AC 200-240V 1 P2W or 3P3W / AC 346-415V 3P4W


[Dual magazine, with 152 mm print sorter attached]  1,660 (W) × 953 (D) × 1,375 (H) mm


PrinterApprox. 281.5 kg (620.6 lbs)
ProcessorApprox. 323.2 kg (712.5 lbs)
TotalApprox. 604.7 kg (1,333.1 lbs)

*1 Options, magazines, papers, and chemicals are not included. (With 152 mm print sorter attached.)


With 152 mm print sorter attached

, Frontier LP9700, Fujifilm South Africa

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