Universal Design

Approach to Universal Design

The principles of universal design help us create products and services that can be used by people of diverse abilities. A product or website should be easy to use and understand, even if a person has little knowledge or experience. Universal design also takes into account physical diversity, such as differences in people's visual acuity, height, hand size, and right- or left-handedness. Error-tolerant features help minimize unintended results. Digital cameras, for example, are designed to turn off automatically to save battery power.

Consumer Products


QuickSnap (one-time-use camera), developed in 1986 based on the concept of enabling anybody to take beautiful photographs easily at anytime, anywhere, truly represents universal design.

Universal design features

The opening part and how to open are made readily visible and labeled clearly.

Steps for taking photographs are illustrated in an easily understandable way on the back of the camera.

Digital Cameras

This digital camera is designed in consideration of easy-to-understand operation and easy-to-view LCD for everyone regardless of nationality, age or any impairment.

Universal design features

The operation section on the back resembles buttons of mobile phones, to which many people are accustomed. It minimizes confusion making operation easier for users.

The symbols in the LCD are edged in black, enabling anyone to recognize them regardless of brightness/darkness of the location and color perception.

Inkjet Printer Paper “Kassai” Series

In order for customers to find the desired item quickly, the product name and other important information are printed in large characters.

Universal design features

The package is designed in consideration of color universal design. *

To clearly indicate that this paper is not suitable to be used for postcards, the design of the back side is shown on the package.


  • * Design of visual information created to permit it to be clearly conveyed to as many people as possible, taking color blindness into consideration


These containers were designed giving consideration to easy identification of Astalift series products and ease of use.

Universal design features

To allow customers to identify the ASTALIFT series items by their boxes, the product name in Japanese is printed below the English name.

To help users envision the actual recommended amounts to use at a glance, they are displayed along with the size of coins, etc.

Business Products

Digital Mammography

The design of this mammography equipment reduces patients' physical and psychological stress and enhances usability for operators, realizing an examination environment for everyone to feel secure.

Universal design features

Use of a shape that ensures arm stability and makes it difficult to apply excessive force enables patients to undergo examinations feeling relaxed.

The monitor showing images vertically allows examination images to be displayed larger making them easier to view. By using symbols positively, an operation screen which is easy for everyone to understand is provided.

Ultrasound imaging diagnostic system

This ultrasound imaging diagnostic system offers high quality images and excellent operability. It is a compact and light-weight system which can be used in versatile clinical situations.

Universal design features

A simple operating surface has been realized through use of large buttons laid out on the front of the system for frequently used functions and combining other functions in the touch panel controls.

With the handle easy to be gripped, the system can be effortlessly carried outside examination rooms to perform ultrasound examinations.